the beginning.

{pursuit of happiness}

this first post marks the beginning of a journey that doesn’t have a set ending. with no ending in site, a task can seem long, unbearable and completely daunting. they say that the adventure lies in the journey, not the destination. that being said, we still need to know where we are going & the answer to that is to find happiness.

that’s not to say that i’m not happy. i am. i have a wonderful husband, a smart & fun loving little boy and an extended family that is supportive, caring and funny. but i want to learn to appreciate the little moments, to truly be grateful for all the amazing things that do come my way & to not dwell in the negativity.

it’s easy to get caught up in the sunday blues, the monday morning blues, the weekday afternoon lows…we can probably just categorize this as the weekday doldrums. it doesn’t have to be soo bad. we need to think of monday morning as a launch pad for a week of adventures. yes, ok there is work involved – there are spreadsheets and meetings but there are also laughs with coworkers, lunches, breaks to walk in the park. sweet little moments that are shared with friends that are the pick-me ups i need to be more grateful for.

so starting now, we are on a mission to destination happy. along the way, i hope to write my own rules on what defines happiness for me. stick with me?